Nora Staudt

She was born in Budapest, at the beginning of the 1980s.  
She lived in Nurnberg, Germany from 1996 to 2001.
Currently she lives and works in Budapest and Nurnberg, studies at a college of economics in 
Mostly you can converse with her in Hungarian, German and English, but you may also address her in Turkish and French.  

Drawing, painting, advertising, creative design activities are not only her work but also her hobby. She wanted to work in advertising in her childhood already.
Within the framework of OHlala design she can utilise her creative skills to her heart’s content. What she especially likes about it is that she “draws and designs” not just for herself but she makes her clients happy through that and also makes them benefit from that. Despite the options offered by computer graphics, in her heart she favours “good old” paper and pencil. Thus, for her design always starts at the sketching board.

Her pictures and more infos you can find here:

Her exhibitions:


December 2010           "DOLCE VITA" - Lollipop Factory - 1056 Budapest, Váci utca 45.


April 2010                     Nutella Arts Competition Exhibition - Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt

November 2009             Without Diploma 2nd exhibition - Bakelit Multi Art Center, Budapest

August 2008                 9th ARC Billboard Exhibition - Ötvenhatosok tere, Budapest

June 2003                    Wrangler Arts Competition Exhibition - Pesti Est Café, Budapest

Designer prices:

2010                           Nutella label design for 2010 football world cup, finalist